The governing board and management of this corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors composed of (17) members. Twelve to be elected from the active membership of the Association, the immediate past president of the Association, the president, first vice-president, second vice-president and secretary-treasurer shall also be members of the Board of Directors. The twelve (12) directors elected from the active membership shall serve up to (2) year terms, except the member from the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association which shall serve a one (1) year term. Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of the association by the membership. No more than two (2) members from any one organization, including its affiliates, may be elected to the board.




Name Title
Joe Parsley President
Steve Smith 1st Vice President
Dave Allen 2nd Vice President
Lamar Rider Secretary/Treasurer
Benton Hudson Immediate Past President
Edna Waller Executive Director



Owen Vickers
Tom Powell
Chris Alexander
Glenn Smith
Jimmy Hughes
Richard Obermeyer
John Huggins
Alex Corzo
George Dyar
Chris Stansbury
Billy Conquest             
Sonya Aldridge


Auburn Advisors

Dr. Joe Hess Poultry Science Department
Dr. Wayne Greene Animal Science Department

The Alabama Feed and Grain Association is a non-profit trade association representing every segment of the feed and grain industries in Alabama.



The Alabama Feed and Grain Association is a member run association dedicated to the development, growth, and improvement of the feed and grain industry in Alabama.  AF&GA will offer educational and training opportunities that build skills and perspectives essential to the growth of its member organizations.  AF&GA will also provide members with timely and effective industry, scientific, and regulatory information and interface capabilities, along with other opportunities for professional and personal growth.



Edna Waller has been serving the Alabama Feed and Grain Association for XX years. During her time as director, she has helped the organization/industry by…