Who are we?

The Alabama Feed and Grain Association is a non-profit trade association representing every segment of the feed and grain industries in Alabama.  AFGA was organized in 1983 when members of the Alabama Feed Association and Alabama Grain Dealers Association unanimously voted to merge their organizations to form the Alabama Feed and Grain Association.  The Additional strength gained by this merger enabled this Association to be an effective “spokesperson” for the Alabama Feed and Grain Industry.

Other Association activities include serving as the industry watchdog for any state or federal legislation affecting the feed and grain industries, source of information for industry on industry matters, annual convention, web site for current events, and AF&GA scholarships provided to young people entering the field of agriculture are evidence of dedication to the growth, development, and improvement of the feed and grain industry.  The Alabama Feed and Grain Association seeks to ensure the most favorable business conditions for its membership by uniting the strength of individual members.

The AF&GA is associated with the National Grain and Feed Association and the American Feed Industry Association.  It is directed by a 17 member Board representing all segments of the industry.

Eligible membership includes any person, firm, or corporation which is directly or indirectly engaged in the feed and grain business and doing business in the state of Alabama.

What we do.

The Alabama Feed & Grain Association provides its members with the following services:

  • Scholarships (over $267,000 as of 10/2018)
  • Accessibility to industry experts through Auburn University and its team of advisors
  • Networking with others in the industry
  • Discounted tickets for our annual events
  • Providing a unified voice for manufacturers and distributors in the state
  • Industry Watchdog for state and federal legislation
  • Feed Milling and Nutrition Seminar
  • Meet with elected officials to discuss issues facing the industry
  • Annual Southern Feed and Grain Convention, providing educational sessions and networking opportunities
  • Donated $ 25,000.00 to Auburn for construction of feed mill
  • Helped establish endowed Scholarship at Auburn University (Ronny Donaldson scholarship)
  • Helped negotiate avoidance of taxes on Liquefied Petroleum, electricity, natural gas, and diesel used for Agricultural purposes, heating hatcheries.
  • Purchased Grain Entrapment Rescue Device (placed in North Alabama)

The purposes and powers of this non-profit corporation are as follows: to organize and conduct an association exclusively for the advancement of the common interest of those engaged in the business of agriculture and specifically those engaged in the business of grains, soybeans, and animal and poultry feeds; to secure and disseminate among its members information relative to the operation and management of the grain and feed industry, to cooperate and affiliate with the other organizations in this related industry.

Our Board of Directors

Franklin Moore
BHT Resources
Jimmy Hughes
SouthFresh Feeds
Immediate Past President
Judd Powell
First Vice President
Joey Broom
Golden Rod Feed Mill
Board Member
Benton Hudson
CSA Animal Nutrition
Second Vice President
Troy Trantham
Trantham Services
Board Member
David Allen
Alabama Farmers CO OP
Tom Powell
Board Member
Curran Gehring
Tucker Milling
Board Member
Rudy Gill
Board Member
Thomas Hays
Alabama Farm Credit
Board Member
Jerry Rogers
Wayne-Sanderson Farms
Board Member
John Brabham
SAM Nutrition
Board Member
Jason Gregory
Woodall Grain
Board Member
Debbie Short
Board Member
Edna Waller
Executive Director
Billy Conquest
EW Nutrition
Board Member
John Taylor Hickman
Peco Foods
Board Member